Recipes and tales from a woman living in Levanto.

Hello! My name is Rozanne, and I live between Zürich and a tiny village in the hills above the town of Levanto, in Italy. I am an American, but I have lived for over half of my life in Europe. This has made me a foreigner no matter where I go, which helps me see the world through a different lens.

You will find many Italian recipes on this blog, because that is the food I truly like to cook and eat. I also have a soft spot for French food, and I will explore some of these dishes as well. Married to a Swiss for 30 years, you might expect to find a multitude of Helvetic recipes. This is not going to happen. 

Why call this blog privateknife? Head down, I stared into my ever-expanding navel and began to free associate:  “My life…My Own Private Idaho…my knife…yes, yes that’s it…privateknife!” Originally, I thought I should call it gimmemore, but that domain title is already taken.